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The “WOW” Hobby

Some tribe sometimes view hobbies as sometimes silly or frivolous pastimes. And it’s true some hobbies are like that. But it is rust to retain a hobby because it diversifies our interests and keeps us active and fun to be with. But many hobbies are for the few that really predispose into that area of study. Stamp collecting or rock climbing are valid hobbies. But to be sure, these are not hobbies that just anybody will get concern.

Astronomy, by contract, that you could rumor everybody gets interestedness at some point or more. It is safe to say that everybody at some point has looked up at a magnificent night sky and said “WOW. ” At that fix, even if was only for that moment, that person became an amateur astronomy hobbyist. They had that “Wow” moment in what can unparalleled be described as the “WOW” hobby.

That common experience is what makes astronomy one of the most exciting and popular hobbies of them all. Any hobby has to have a few “wow” moments. Whether it’s hitting that strike in bowling or finding that perfect stamp, crackerjack has to be a moment when the bell rings. Well astronomy has many “wow” moments that befall virtually any clear night in the stars. From the reaching of an asteroid shower to just figuring out another constellation, there is so much to do besides play with in astronomy that you can be a hobbyist your whole life and never stir bored.

Besides the excitement of astronomy, another reason it makes a great hobby is that it is easy and loud to get started. Unlike skiing for example, to just start enjoying astronomy, all you need is the night sky. But there is no end to the levels of complexity again sophistication you can get to as you move along in astronomy as well. So like any good hobby, astronomy is endlessly fascinating and tremendously addictive because there is always more you want to learn and more you can do to dream up your knowledge and experiences more interesting and fun.

A great side benefit of how crowded people are into astronomy is that it is a tremendously social hobby as well. This is unusual for a hobby that is associated with a report, that is executed by staring up in the sky by yourself and that is not competitive. But in any town or city, there are at least a few further probably dozens of astronomy clubs again associations that meet oftentimes to discuss astronomy.

This is the perfect way to introduce a modish recruit to the hobby of astronomy. These clubs advance on sharing their love of astronomy with new members, kids and those just learning how to explore the stars. Most astronomy clubs schedule regular “safaris” to go visible away from the lights of the city and get a good night of sky watching done. Going on related an outing with a big group of enthusiasts is the type of experience that cede take a passive interest into astronomy and change it into a healthy obsession.

By going out with a group, you can rub elbows with tribe who know the night sky, can help you learn how to spot the great constellations again how to train your eyes to see the really cool stuff going on over our heads virtually every night. Astronomy is a passion that is shared equally by everyone from children, to college students to serious scholars in the field to even professional astronomers who work at exploring the universe full ticks. On any given night, you or your girl may be sitting next to an award winning professional astronomer who will happily provide a private copy looking up at the cosmos just for the sheer fun of shared learning.

The great article is that everything we have talked about here costs virtually fly speck. You can get started with your love of astronomy and learn as you go so when you are ready to make some project in equipment, you have learned from others what is just the right thing for you. Sure, eventually you will want some astronomy magazine subscriptions, a star map or two and binoculars or a telescope. But those things come as your love of the hobby matures. Meanwhile, get out there, expedient others who share your excitement about star gazing and stimulate to know a hobby that never stops making you say “WOW”.


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